Story Sources
Story Sources

You've enjoyed the magic of hearing storytellers weave their words into pictures in your mind, and now you want to have a go, so where can you find a story to tell? Here are some of the books and websites that we have found useful. CDs and websites with audio content are also excellent ways of hearing storytelling in action, but nothing beats seeing storytelling live. The more storytellers you see, the more you'll appreciate the rich diversity of telling styles and stories. You'll find links to Storytellers' websites under Storytellers.

When choosing your first story, try to find a short one with a strong plot that really appeals to you - telling stories is not an exercise in memory, but a way of expressing yourself! What you should aim for is not a 'cover' version but your own interpretation.

So, when you've found that first story, tried out telling it to the mirror or the cat, why not bring it along to our weekly storytelling circle, Tuesdays 8 - 10 pm? Details.


Afghan Network
Mullah Nasruddin stories

David England's Story Collection

Fractured Fairy Tales
All about traditional tales with a modern twist - think Shrek or Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

Museum of myths & fables

Project Gutenberg
Classic books available to download. Try a search on 'Folklore'.

Sacred Texts
"The largest freely available archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet."

Stevyn Colgan
A (very) modern working over of traditional Cornish tales

Story Bee
Recordings of US tellers with stories for children

Story Lovers World

Sur la Lune
Folk tales and fairy tales from around the world.

The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project

The Thousand Nights and a Night
1001 Nights, various versions

Story Collections

1001 Nights Many editions

Aesop's Fables Many editions

Dictionary of British Folk Tales Katherine Briggs
Four volumes. Taster available in her Sampler of British Folk Tales

Drolls from Shadowland J H Pearce 1893
These seem more literary stories but the first in particular is likely to have a traditional origin, although I have not yet tracked another source (CBD).

Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters Kathleen Ragan
Heroines in folktales from around the world.

Folk Tales of Brittany Elsie Masson

Folk Tales of the British Isles Kevin Crossley-Holland

Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale Many editions

Household Tales Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm

In the Ever After Allan B Chinen
Fairy tales for the second half of life

Italian Folk Tales Italo Calvino

Italian Popular Tales Thomas Frederick Crane

Jamaica Anansi Stories Martha Warren Beckwith
Trickster spider tales

Legend Land George Basil Barham
Cornish and Welsh legends

Norwegian Folk Tales Asbjornsen & Moe

Once Upon A Midlife Allan B Chinen
Classic stories and mythic tales to illuminate the middle years.

Popular Romances of the West of England Robert Hunt

The Facetious Nights Giovanni Francesco Straparola
Italian stories

The Greek Myths Robert Graves

The Last Storytellers Richard Hamilton
Tales from the heart of Morocco

The Panchatantra
The Book of India's Folk Wisdom

Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall William Bottrell
Three volumes. Llanerch Press have published facsimiles but only have volumes 2 & 3 in stock at present. It is also available on the secondhand book sites, where there are also a lot of smaller books which have been compiled from Bottrell.

Virago Book of Fairy Tales Angela Carter
Stories where women rule!