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The Epic of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh, mighty King of Uruk and two thirds divine – follow his journey as he searches for everlasting life and discovers what it means to be human.

The oldest written story in the world, pressed into clay tablets nearly 4000 years ago, tells of ‘..a man who has an enormous capacity for friendship, for endurance and adventure, for joy and sorrow, a man of strength and weakness who loses a unique opportunity through a moment of carelessness.’ (Stephanie Dalley Myths of Mesopotamia)

Directed by June Peters, who has been working with these stories since 1997, as part of Zipang.

June 2015. Double CD. £6

"A wonderful evening being carried away to a different world. I loved being told one story that weaved together from so many distinct voices."

"I hadn’t realised just how compelling storytelling can be until l saw 'Storytelling in Hope’s’ performance of ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’. To see the characters and the story come to life so vividly in front of me when the only tools are the voices and the bodies of the storytellers is quite an extraordinary and powerful experience, especially in this day and age.”


Cuchulainn and the Crow Queen

The great Ulster hero, Cúchulainn stands and on his shoulder sits a dark goddess in the form of a crow. She is the mistress of chaos, surveying the slaughter as he whirls in fury through an ancient yet still familiar world. Their dynamic force has helped shape the history of Ireland - its tribes, its warrior queens, its dispossessed kings.

Based on Bernard Kelly’s retelling of these ancient legends in Cuchulainn and the Crow Queen and directed by Bernard Kelly and June Peters, Storytelling in Hope once again joins voices to bring you an exhilarating retelling of their epic journey.

May 2014. Double CD. £6

"A fantastically powerful tale told with enthusiasm and skill."

"Wonderful storytelling. Humorous as well - not all blood."

"Everybody (all 12) was absolutely marvellous. Great contrasts of style, voice and timing."


Of the Dreaming: Aboriginal Stories

‘They say we have been here for 60.000 years, but it is much longer. We have been here since the time before time began. We have come directly out of the Dreamtime of the Creative Ancestors. We have lived and kept the earth as it was on the First Day.’ Aboriginal Tribal Elder

In this group performance we try to see the world through the eyes of these ancient peoples by telling their myths and stories.

(Picture: Rainbow Serpent Dreaming (2007)
Painted by Lorraine Williams – Ancestral group: Waradjuri)

December 2012. Double CD. £6

"What a thoughtfully crafted, enjoyable evening with a basket of funny-wise tales. It was really a fine introduction to the Aboriginal world-view, inspiring and with much respect for the stories and the people."


Laxdaela Saga

A multiple voice retelling of one of the most famous Icelandic Sagas, as it charts the settlement of this land of ice and fire by independently minded men and women fleeing from the tyrannical king of Norway. Central to this saga, which covers eight generations, is the love triangle between Gudrun, Kjarten and Bolli. Described as "the most romantic [saga]of all, full of pathetic sentiment" it will have ice and fire flowing through your veins.

April 2012. Double CD. £6

"A wonderful first experience of group storytelling. Beautiful pacing, wonderful variety of voice."

".... wonderful personal 'takes' on a fascinating and difficult saga. Many thanks"

"A most wonderful and enjoyable evening. Well done to all the tellers"

".... Great voices that echoed history with humour!"


Kan Ya Ma Kan - There was and there was not

In the Moroccan squares and markets, the hlaykia, the storytellers, still vie with vendors and musicians for audiences. But they are a dying breed with no apprentices to follow them. Inspired by The Last Storytellers by Richard Hamilton (website) our group performance celebrated their art with retellings of their stories, and an escape from the cold of December in London to the sunny Mediterranean.

December 2011. Double CD. £6

"What a magical evening! Thanks to everyone for your wonderful stories- they continue to linger in my imagination. The Bakehouse felt exotic last night. When I walked out onto the rainy streets I felt as if I'd just come back from holiday!"

"great evening of stories- a sharp performance from all the performers to give a blend of humour, passion and gore! An evening to be enjoyed again"

"What a wonderful evening of stories,and Theatre. Thank you,yes theatre indeed as the set and artefacts were befitting a West End production. Oh and great food as always. Well done. I was transported."


The Grimm Project

Another great evening hosted by Claire and Jude where we recorded our contribution to the Project Grimm, the creation of an international oral archive of all the stories from the Grimm brothers' Children's and Household Tales to celebrate its first publication in 1812.

To make sure that all the stories are told - some being a bit obscure and hard to relate to - each participating storyteller or group chose two stories and Project Grimm allocated two more. Our chosen stories were Godfather Death and The Boy Who Didn't Know How to Shudder and our two allocated stories were Tales of the Paddock and The Wolf and the Fox.

Project Grimm has set up a blog projectgrimm.blogspot where you can listen to and in some cases also see videos of, the stories.

November 2011. Single CD. £4