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Weekly Circle

The weekly drop-in storytelling circle is for those who love sharing stories in an informal setting. Also for those who want to develop their stories and skills by telling in a small, supportive group. There is a theme for the evening, for those looking for inspiration, but all stories are always welcome. Circle details...
Tuesdays 8 - 10 pm St. Mary's Community Centre

Sorry, there are no upcoming storytelling circles at the moment.

From September to June we put on monthly performances by guest storytellers or our own group performances (details below). As well as the famous, well established storytellers, we also invite young storytellers and those new to performance storytelling for adults. These events are usually held in the Bakehouse Theatre, Blackheath.
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Final Stories

It is my sad duty to inform you, following months of efforts and discussions, that as of Easter 2018, Storytelling in Hope will no longer be an active group in London. - posted 3/04/2018
Group Performances

A Club speciality, these multiple voice tellings are a compelling way to immerse yourself in some of the longest stories in the world, or in a completely different culture.
Group performance details...

Sorry, there are no upcoming group performances at the moment.
Community Storytelling

We like to take storytelling into the community, and have visited care homes, hospitals and local festivals in the London Boroughs of Lewisham and Greenwich. If you would like to arrange a visit please contact us here.
Community storytelling details...

Sorry, there are no upcoming community events at the moment.

Moroccan Stories CD CDs are available of live recordings of some of our recent group performances.
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Other Events

Here is a selection of storytelling events that we think will be of particular interest to those in South East London. Event details...

Sorry, there are no upcoming storytelling events at the moment.